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Run your own restaurant on one of Norway’s most spectacular islands

We are looking for the adventurous person(s) who appreciates local ingredients, hectic days, and creating synergies with other nearby service partners.
Hidra is characterized as an “island paradise” and attracts travelers and tourists. The island is a major priority in Flekkefjord Kommune’s (municipally) tourism destination strategy.

We offer

Fully equipped restaurant facilities, including outdoor serving area by the waterside.

A modern and well-equipped professional kitchen

A unique workplace in a classic harbor at the very edge of the North Sea ocean gap

Walking distance to our local fish market with rich selection of fish and shellfish

A versatile and helpful network to help you succeed 

Kongshamn Gjestgiveri (guesthouse) next dooro

Well-known and well-respected restaurant/facilities

Assistance in finding you proper housing

Summer, or year-round?

First and foremost, we are looking for you who wants to run the busy summer season from May to August 2020. During this period, Hidra hosts many tourists and the summertime equals busy days for the restaurant. Although the activity is lower the rest of the year, the restaurant may very well be run on a year-round basis, dependent on your long-term plans.

Local raw materials and partners

In walking distance from the restaurant, you will find the fish market which sell and distribute fresh fish and shellfish from the local fishermen all year round. The island also has wild sheep that keep the cultural landscape at bay, which also provides juicy and well tasting meat. The ramson blossoms in May as summer guests begin to flow to the island. There are also beekeepers who can supply local honey year-round.

In addition to Kongshamn Gjestgiveri (guesthouse) and other guesthouses, there are also local operators engaged in boat rental, guided trips at sea and on land, as well as local shops and cafes.

At the sea gap

The charming restaurant is located by the waterside in Kongshavnbukta at the sea gap of the North Sea, just outside Kirkehamn. Kirkehamn is a classic port located in the island of Hidra, a 30-minute drive by car and ferry from the center of Flekkefjord, a small town in the southern part of Norway.

Historical icehouse transformed to an atmospheric restaurant

The history of the well-preserved icehouse in Kongshavn on the island of Hidra outside Flekkefjord dates back to July 20, 1885. 23 local fishermen added 50 kroner each to the table, to start the combined icehouse and mackerel distribution. With 200 square meters of floor space in each of the two floors, the icehouse was, as it is today, the largest building in Kongshavn. The building has been restored by local enthusiasts, and now it consists of a charming restaurant that works as a meeting place for the locals, as well as for the island’s guests and tourists. For almost 20 years, food and concerts and exhibitions have been served in this historic building.

Learn more? Please contact:

Isbua AS v/Steinar Johannesen

Phone: +47 908 45 170


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